It’s Like Drinking Water

At church we are doing a series on hearing the voice of God. I spoke this Sunday and talked about what it means to “pray continually” and how God wants to speak to us throughout our day. Download 


At church we are continuing to talk about family. When I shared this past Sunday morning I talked about communication: How good communication makes a difference in every facet of our lives, including family. Download 

Generational Influence

We have begun a new series at church. A few weeks ago we began talking about family. When I spoke this past Sunday I talked about the influence we have on the next generation. Download 

The Story

This month I had the privilege of sharing during our morning Easter service. I talked from the book of Job about the connection God wants with us and what that looks like in our lives. Download 

Strength and Courage

This past Sunday I spoke at church. We’ve been focusing on learning God’s ways and walking in them. In my message I shared from the book of Joshua and focused on the element that God is with us whether we recognize His active role in our lives or