Shifting Society

I have tended to avoid Philemon. It's a New Testament book that always seemed out of place, as though I were eavesdropping on a private conversation. Of course the truth is we are eavesdropping. Philemon is a short letter (if you have not read it, or not read it recently, I encourage you to do so as 

After Christmas

Matthew 1:23 is often cited during the Christmas season as it recounts the story of Jesus's birth, but I think the passage from Luke more aptly conveys the meaning of Christmas. Both authors quote the Old Testament book of Isaiah; what Matthew shares tells us what happened at Christmas, but Luke 

The Enemy Among Us

After Galileo was confronted by the church about his scientific theories, he was told he could publish his opinions provided he presented them in a manner that was non-committal; he also had to come to the conclusion given to him--that being we cannot know how creation unfolded because God could 

God is Hidden

God is Hidden. It feels contrary to everything I've been told about Him. Yet it seems an apt description because, all things being equal, two individuals standing next to each other could not prove to one another the existence, or lack thereof, of God. Some might be better at debating 

The Bible is Not a Science Textbook

Galileo is famous; a significant figure in history largely because of his impact in the field of modern science, and also because of his trial with the church. I've heard a lot of people postulate him as the author of conflict between science and religion. A part of me thinks