The Bible is Not a Science Textbook

Galileo is famous; a significant figure in history largely because of his impact in the field of modern science, and also because of his trial with the church. I've heard a lot of people postulate him as the author of conflict between science and religion. A part of me thinks 

Faith and Science

I often feel as though there are people who follow Christ that are completely uninterested in science, not because they lack a desire to learn but because of a fear of the implications it brings with respect to the narrative of the Bible. To me science is an instrument that 

The Familiar

God is patient. Really. Patient. If we continue reading the narrative of Gideon we find he goes to great lengths of inquiry before doing what God asks; testing Him very nearly the entire way. At this point in history Israel was being repeatedly attacked by an alliance of armies from 

What Does God Want You To Do?

Archippus and Timothy were both admonished by Paul to fulfill the ministry they received. Paul uses two, different Greek words when addressing Archippus and Timothy. Both are similar in meaning (hence their translation to English as fulfill). But there is some implication that Archippus was close to 

Perfect Understanding

It's admirable the twelve disciples chose to stay with Jesus when so many others decided to abandon Him. This passage illustrates something important: the people who turned away were disciples. These were not individuals who simply wanted to hear Jesus speak or be healed of some ailment. They were