Perfect Understanding

It’s admirable the twelve disciples chose to stay with Jesus when so many others decided to abandon Him. This passage illustrates something important: the people who turned away were disciples. These were not individuals who simply wanted to hear Jesus speak or be healed of some ailment. They were 

A Good Commission

This passage is often referred to as the Great Commission and is commonly cited as the principal mission of the church. Notice what Jesus is saying: Make disciples; Baptize; and Teach. Jesus did not tell His disciples to make all nations stop smoking, over-eating, committing adultery, or any other numerous 

Common Ground

John 3:16 is probably one of the most famous verses in the Bible. But John 3:17 is even more telling—verse 17 lays out God’s endgame. God didn’t send Jesus into the world in the sense that Jesus arrived on the planet Earth. God sent Jesus 

The Finished Process

This verse summarizes the victory of David over Goliath. The entire story is worth reading and I previously mentioned how David was prepared even though the moment was unexpected. In the verses that follow David is praised for his triumph; his victory was certainly noteworthy. Later David succeeds Saul as 

Joy in Life

Last week Dale Turenne on his site wrote about joy in a follower of Christ’s life. It’s a short, yet good, read. Dale addressed some interesting points, but what I found most compelling is how he confronts the issue that people are often motivated by an encouraging sermon