Joy in Life

Last week Dale Turenne on his site wrote about joy in a follower of Christ’s life. It’s a short, yet good, read. Dale addressed some interesting points, but what I found most compelling is how he confronts the issue that people are often motivated by an encouraging sermon 

Meaningful Seasons

Paul writes Timothy telling him (amongst other things) to, “be ready in season and out.” Obviously he wanted Timothy to be prepared for everything, but what does being ready in season look like? And how can one be prepared out of season? Season is a period of time—spring, summer 

Building Blocks

In 1 Peter 2 the apostle Peter tells us that we are like bricks (or stones) being fit together to build a house. The metaphor here is that followers of Christ fit together to form a complete structure. Placed together properly, the whole is greater than the sum of its 

Unlikely Christians

There’s a running theme throughout the Bible wherein God’s people are likened to a farmer’s crop at harvest. The wheat (God’s people) are separated from the weeds, chaff, and other plants that cannot be used for food; one is stored while the other is disposed. God 

Anybody’s Church

Church isn’t always the most welcoming place. Once a friend and I stopped by a random church one Sunday evening and took a seat in a pew close, but not at, the front. Within a few minutes an usher approached us and asked my friend to remove his hat