Series: Choices

Every person faces unique challenges; the decisions made affect their life and even the lives of others. While these decisions are not always easy, the Bible teaches us that God is with us throughout the process and invites us to step into the challenges with Him.

Money Doesn’t Buy Easy Choices

In a recent post I talked about the challenges some choices we have to make can present. It’s interesting that, much like the adulterous woman, Jesus also brought this individual to a place of immediate decision—and no easy decision at that. Jesus was asking the rich young man 

Difficult Choices

I’m sure everyone has a particular point of view about the woman in this story. This woman didn’t lead the most moral life, not by today’s standards and certainly not by the standards of her day. Nevertheless, think about what Jesus is asking of her. He was 

Big Decisions Cannot Be Ignored

A couple of weeks ago I shared from Exodus about distractions in life. The particular story from Exodus is ripe with lessons we can apply in our lives. During Moses’ encounter with God, God gives him direction: free His people from Egypt. It’s not surprising Moses responded the way 

Distractions in Life

In a previous post I shared a passage of scripture from Exodus 3:1-4. In this passage Moses is going about his day-to-day work when he notices something a bit unusual: a bush, on fire, burning, but not being consumed by the fire. One of the most remarkable things about 

The Relevant Word

In Exodus 3 we read the well-known story of Moses and the burning bush: What an awesome experience this must have been for Moses. A lot of the time we read stories in the Bible and we don’t really grasp how amazing it must have been to witness some