Series: Hearing God's Voice

Followers of Christ often face the challenge of recognizing how, when and what God is speaking to them. God wants to be a part of our lives and that includes regular dialogue. When we realize His voice we open the door to unlimited discovery of who He is.

Hearing God’s Voice, Part 7

We have been discussing how to hear God’s voice and in the study we made some key points that can really help us hear God more easily, and know how to react when we’re not sure we are hearing Him at all. To summarize what we’ve discussed 

Hearing God’s Voice, Part 6

Last time we talked about hearing God’s voice we closed with a passage from the Gospel of John. This passage illustrates that our relationship with Christ must be a lifestyle. In the same way a branch cannot continually remove and re-attach itself to a tree, we cannot include God 

Hearing God’s Voice, Part 5

We’ve been talking about hearing God’s voice and one of the elements we discussed was that God’s voice is a familiar voice. Knowing this certainly makes it easier to recognize when He is speaking to us; however, it also opens the door for potential confusion. It can 

Hearing God’s Voice, Part 4

In our series on Hearing God’s Voice we’ve looked at different elements to help us recognize when God is speaking. This time we’re going to take a slightly different look at the same topic by starting with a passage from 1 Kings; where Solomon is preparing to 

Hearing God’s Voice, Part 3

So far we’ve covered two elements of hearing God’s voice: God’s voice is a familiar one. God’s voice carries an inexplicable authority. The above passage, from Luke 11, illustrates another unique element in hearing God’s voice. A normal (read: healthy) parent will always desire to