Empirical Faith

Sometimes it feels that science has no place for faith, and faith no place for science. The two can seem deadlocked; entrenched in their own beliefs with little room for the other's opinions. God is the ultimate creator (and a staunch advocate of science). When we know the truth we have a better framework upon which to build our faith and deepen our appreciation for the study that unravels the mysteries of creation. 

What to Do?

Everyone has a purpose and function, yet many struggle to understand how God wants to use them here and now. Discovering our role leads to a fulfilling journey with God. 

Hearing God's Voice

Followers of Christ often face the challenge of recognizing how, when and what God is speaking to them. God wants to be a part of our lives and that includes regular dialogue. When we realize His voice we open the door to unlimited discovery of who He is. 


Every person faces unique challenges; the decisions made affect their life and even the lives of others. While these decisions are not always easy, the Bible teaches us that God is with us throughout the process and invites us to step into the challenges with Him.